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September 2022

AWS Lambda Support

STAGE: Next up 👉🏼
PROJECTED DONE: September 2022

We are building out support for running serverless applications on-cloud. There are a few different use cases we've heard from customers:

  • partial - you are using AWS Lambda to process webhooks, subscriptions from cloud resources or to connect to different AWS resources.

  • full serverless - your entire application is designed as a serverless application and you'd like to run it entirely in your customer's cloud account.

We are planning to support both use cases. When you add serverless components to your Nuon application, we will:

  • provision a VPC to run them in, in the customer's cloud account

  • handle updates, monitoring and visibility into your Lambdas

  • support building and packaging your Lambda code just like you would today

  • run webhooks and other Lambdas alongside your application

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