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App installation control plane ⚙️

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Just deploying your app on your customer's cloud account is not enough - what happens if:

  • it doesn't install correctly?

  • a bad deployment goes out, or a bug goes out?

  • you need to check logs to help investigate something

We're building a control plane that gives you the tooling you need to run your on-cloud business. You can dig into any app install and query logs, metrics, check alerts and run operational commands.

  • tail + search logs from any running processes in an install

  • check deployment statuses (running containers, uptime, rollouts, status codes and more)

  • run an operational command such as a database migration, one off script or just a debug command

  • automated health checks

  • set up alerting, so when an install is unhealthy, you get notified at your webhook of choice

Your customer gets an audit trail of all actions against their app install, and you never need to jump on a call or ask a customer to grant you temporary access to their AWS account again.

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