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App Install Web Requests

STAGE: Next quarter 📆

Some customer's have shared creative ways they'd like to run their application on-cloud. One common use case has been running part of an application in your customer's cloud account and exposing a way to query private APIs running in that installation.

We are adding the ability to query internal HTTP resources in a customer cloud account, via Nuon. Instead of having to build out network tooling, poke firewall holes and more - we will expose an API that let's you proxy a request into your customer's app installation.

You'll get:

  • a simple api to make HTTP requests in your customer's app installation

  • an audit trail with logging and response data in your dashboard

This will let you build entirely new products where your central dashboard can "phone home" to make requests in a customer's cloud account - all in a secure, reliable and auditable manner.

PS: we're planning way more for hybrid applications here.

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