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Nuon Public Roadmap Launch

AUTHOR: Team Nuon

Today we're excited to announce that our public roadmap for Nuon is officially live. We've got a lot planned for Nuon and are excited to talk to you about that in more detail!

Currently in development

  • AWS On-cloud support

    • Run your application on your customer's AWS account. When you integrate with Nuon, you model the different parts of your app (frontend, backend, workers, custom resources) using the tools you already use in production (Terraform, Pulumi, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker etc) and we'll run your app in a sandbox in your customer's cloud.

  • Public API

    • Nuon is designed to power your on-cloud business and stay out of your way. Your customer never needs to know about Nuon, and you can use our API to embed and integrate on-cloud into your product.

Up Next

  • App Installation Control Plane

    • We're building a control plane that gives you the tooling you need to run your on-cloud business. You can dig into any app install and query logs, metrics, check alerts and run operational commands.

  • Custom Metric Integrations

    • Our on-cloud control plane gives you visibility into your installations to manage health, alerts, uptime, and more.

  • AWS Lambda Support

    • We are building out support for running serverless applications on-cloud.

  • Custom Domains

    • create a domain namespace for all installations that are part of your application

  • Life Cycle Hooks + Notifications

    • We're going to build out lifecycle hooks so you can wire up different parts of Nuon into your own systems.

We have a host of other features we're working on that you can check out here.

If you're looking to run your product on your customer's cloud account we'd love to connect and see if Nuon can help you achieve that goal!

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