Team Nuon

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AUTHOR: Team Nuon

Our mission is to enable every SaaS company to run their product, on their customer's cloud account.

We're hard at work building Nuon, and plan to onboard our first customers in July/August.

What we're building

We're building a control plane that allows you to:

  • configure your app to run on cloud

    • configure docker images, Helm charts and custom kubernetes resources

    • configure custom AWS cloud resources using Terraform

  • automatically install your app in your customer's cloud account with 1 click

  • automated app updates to each of your app installs

  • manage day 2 operations for your app installs:

    • log support

    • debug commands

    • health checks + event monitoring

    • metrics

What's next

Once we've onboarded our initial customers, we're planning to focus on:

  • improved control plane operations

    • adding alerts and monitoring for on cloud app installs

    • overview dashboard for managing 10s or 100s of app installs

  • adding additional types of cloud sandboxes you can run your app in

    • GCP + K8s - run your app using Kubernetes in your customer's GCP account

    • AWS + ECS - run your app using ECS in your customer's cloud account

  • shared app install management

    • create app installs that can be managed by your team using the Nuon admin panel, or by your customer directly

  • improved support for adding custom resources

    • self-service add databases, storage buckets and more to your on cloud apps

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