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Changelog 002

AUTHOR: Team Nuon

We're excited to announce that we're officially testing cloud sandboxes internally! For some background, every on-cloud app with Nuon is run inside a sandbox in your customer's account. This is a secure, isolated runtime environment that is guaranteed to be consistent in all accounts, secure, and reproducible. These sandboxes include compute, networking, permissioning resources as well as the Nuon agent which is responsible for managing your app.

Sandboxes can be run anywhere:

  • run multiple in the same account, guaranteeing they will not conflict with other resources

  • run with different features (different k8s versions, lambda support)

  • run in a subaccount

This is just the beginning! We've got a lot of things in store for running your app in your customer's cloud account:

  • Customizable sandboxes - customize the sandbox that runs in your customer's cloud account -- control things like the underlying compute instances, network stack, and integrations.

  • Bring your own sandboxes give your customers sandboxes to run your app or let your customers give you a sandbox to run your app in. Your biggest customers can give you a secure sandbox that meets their requirements making it easier to get through enterprise procurement processes.

  • Install your app with a single API call in your customer's account!

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